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The Complete Guide To NDIS Plan Management Guidelines

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The NDIA published the Guide to help NDIS members understand what to anticipate from plan management and to guide plan managers’ practices. The NDIS plan management standards are all about proving that you are striving to achieve results for your clients as a plan manager. This implies that as a plan manager, you assist participants in the following ways:

  • Improve their financial and planning abilities
  • Learn to self-manage their plan gradually
  • Providers must pay themselves
  • Increase their choice of suppliers

Plan administrators must provide information with participants regarding the management of their NDIS funds when it comes to accountability. Clients should be informed about how money is being utilised to acquire the sorts of assistance specified in their plan by plan managers. 

However, given the variety of standards in existence and the variety of interpretations that may be made, you may be wondering what the most essential guidelines to follow are. Let’s get started on addressing this question.

Guidelines That NDIS Plan Managers Must Follow

To guarantee that their clients’ funds are in order, plan managers must follow the NDIS plan management rules. The administration of a participant’s NDIS plan should take into account and support the client’s unique living circumstances and objectives. 

As a result, plan managers must follow all the rules. You can’t afford to ignore a single rule and risk breaking the NDIS plan management regulations and procedures. With that in mind, let’s look at your obligations as an NDIS plan manager. You must cover the following topics at your first meeting:

  • The roles and duties of each party (Plan manager and participant) in ensuring that the assistance received is consistent with the NDIS plan.
  • What percentage of the participant’s NDIS money is still available?
  • How should invoicing be done?
  • Whether the client wishes to see the bills that have been submitted to you for payment or not.
  • How the NDIS plan budget will be managed for the customer?

Additional NDIS Plan Manager Guidelines 

Plan managers have continuing service obligations under the NDIS plan management standards that include….

  • Appropriate Payments: The NDIS plan management provider must guarantee that provider bills match the client’s plan.
  • Updates regularly: Every month, plan managers must provide financial statements to their clients. These statements should inform the participant of the amount spent.
  • Payment History: You must provide your client’s entire plan payment history if they choose to engage with a new Plan manager.
  • Ending Agreement: If a participant chooses a different form of plan management (self-managed or NDIA managed) or changes plan managers, you must agree on an end date by which you will no longer offer your services.
  • Access: According to the NDIS plan management regulations and operational standards, you must allow your client to choose from a wide choice of registered providers.

Looking for an NDIS Plan Manager to Assist You Through Every Step?

As an NDIS provider, our caring professionals at Jasmine Care will walk you through the entire process, ensuring that you have the plan you require to live the life you choose. People with disabilities, disability personal service providers, and the larger society will all benefit from the National Disability Insurance Scheme