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Finding the Right Fit Between NDIS Provider and Participant

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A participant’s relationship with their care provider is integral to the NDIS. To build a healthy, successful partnership, it’s important to find the right fit from the start.

If you’re a participant, it’s crucial to find a provider you trust to give you the support you need. This ensures that you will achieve what you want. If you are an NDIS provider, you need to listen to participants’ needs and clearly communicate how you can assist them. Building a long-lasting and successful relationship will make the relationship between provider and participant that much stronger.

There are a few things both participants and NDIS care providers need to consider before beginning a journey together. Read below. 

Considerations When Choosing an NDIS Service Provider

Set Goals

For a participant, setting goals is a crucial first step. If you have clearly defined goals, you will have a better understanding of the sorts of assistance you require. Having goals will also allow you to see if the service provider is assisting you in achieving your objectives. It may also be the case that you achieve your goals sooner than expected, encounter unexpected challenges, or realise that your needs have changed, but it’s all okay. Just make sure the provider is informed, so they have the chance to adjust their services if necessary.

Ask Necessary Questions

Investing in a provider starts with asking some questions. This may involve asking a few questions over the phone, or you may simply be conducting some online research as you go. Here are some examples:

  • Who are they? What are their abilities and experience?
  • Have they been registered with the NDIS?
  • Can they build on the supports you already have? 
  • Have they been reviewed? Have you heard of anyone using their services?

In addition, you should look into a few NDIS-related groups currently available and engage with the administrators to ensure they are not spam. When you speak to an agency, you should be clear about what you need, so you can both assess if they’re able to help. 

Considerations When Meeting Prospective NDIS Participants

Be Friendly

When communicating with a potential participant, providers must first and foremost be friendly! The services you provide can have a profound impact on somebody’s day-to-day life, and so a kind and a friendly demeanour can make them feel more comfortable.

Listen Carefully

Give them the attention they need. If you do this, you will be able to determine whether you can help them or not. If a participant is clear at the outset what he or she is looking for, there is less chance for misunderstandings later. You and the participant will be able to stay on the same page this way.

Be Clear About Your Services

Make sure participants understand what you can offer them. Be sure not to make any promises you can’t keep. You will only end up disappointing everyone if you claim you can provide something you can’t provide.

Involve Family

Engage the participant’s family members and make sure you understand key people in their lives, including other providers. Taking a teamwork approach to your services will help you to achieve better outcomes for participants by tailoring them to fit in with what they’re already doing.

As soon as you both decide to work together, be sure to communicate openly with each other. Keeping your communication open and honest will enable you to deal with any issues as they arise.

How Jasmine Care Can Help?

With years of experience in NDIS core support, Jasmine Care understands that each and every applicant has a range of expectations and requires a customised approach to cater to their needs and expectations. Therefore, we have respite in-home care specialists who can assist with all the care activities you want to keep going home while you take a break from your caregiver duties. Whether you need respite care now or in the future, Jasmine Care has the right care providers and resources to help you. You will receive recommendations that will assist you in making better choices. Contact us!