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Safety Tips for Seniors with In-home Personal Care

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  • Safety Tips for Seniors with In-home Personal Care

Is an elderly parent living at home a good thing? It depends! Our houses provide us with a sense of comfort, familiarity, and continuing freedom and security. So it makes sense for a senior to remain at home, right? Probably not. Whether the home environment is safe is a critical consideration. Because we spend so much time there, it’s simple to walk around without worrying about personal safety. However, a few easy modifications can help protect you against injuries caused by falls and other types of mishaps. Follow the below tips and ensure utmost safety.

Install Handrails

Handrails and grab bars must be installed in the shower and tub, as well as near the toilet. All stairwells should have handrails on both sides, and if you need to carry something, use one hand to grasp the object and the other to grab the railing.

Keep Emergency Numbers Handy

If your loved one owns a phone, are they able to make or take a call? Many types of rings and tunes may be confusing, and unneeded for seniors. Remove it and keep it simple. Larger keypad numbers and a display window should be included as well. You may also set up a “call display” function for easy calling. Emergency information is not usually remembered by elder brains. Post a notice in bold letters near every phone and on the back of your loved one’s cell phone to make it easy for them to call for help.

Remove Fall Hazards

The most frequent cause of injury in seniors is falling. By following the below steps, you can maintain a fall-safe environment in the home to decrease the risk of elders falling and to promote home safety.

  • Remove throw rugs
  • Clean up piled clutter
  • Discard or donate old furniture

Check Your Lighting

It’s absolutely essential to have sufficient lighting in each room, at entrances, and on the exterior of your home, particularly in stairwells. It’s a good idea to have a lamp near your bed, as well as night lights in the bedroom, bathroom, corridors, and kitchen. If the power goes out, have a few flashlights around the home. In each light fixture, it’s recommended to use the highest wattage possible.

Check-In With Them – Frequently

Finally, elder home safety entails keeping an eye on your loved one. You, your loved one’s neighbours, a professional caregiver, in-home personal care, and residential respite care may all work together to keep your loved one safe.

Do you want to help a loved one achieve their goal of ageing in place? We’ll be glad to assist you. Our caregivers at Jasmine Care can assist your loved ones in living the life they choose at home. To book a free evaluation for in-home personal care for seniors and learn more about how we can assist your needs, call Jasmine Care professionals now at 1300 32 31 30  or visit us at https://jasminecare.com.au/